Frequently asked Q&A

What health and wellness conditions does the 6 month coaching program address?

-Weight loss and weight management

-Addressing chronic illness through dietary and lifestyle choices

-Eating for athletes--performance based dietary and lifestyle adaptations 

-Sleep disturbance concerns

-Emotional and physical bun out

-Relationship between food and mood

-Addressing food allergies

-Naturally increasing energy and vitality

-Achieving healthy balance 

-Increasing emotional and spiritual satisfaction in life

-Reducing risk factors associated with developing chronic disease

-Smoking cessation

-General health concerns.

What does the program consist of?

-Health and wellness history and assessment

-Goal setting session and progress tracking

-Two coaching sessions per month (in person or phone/Skype

-Email support between sessions

-Newsletter, recipes, reading list

-Mid program and completion evaluation

-Add on services available upon request (i.e. pantry clean-up, health food store visit).

Why is the program six months?

Research proves time and time again it takes six months to fully integrate and sustain lifestyles changes to optimize outcomes.

What is the cost of the program?

The six month health and wellness, results driven, program has a basic flat fee and add on services may be purchased.  A menu of pricing, payment plans and discount available by clicking here: