I have always admired Allison's health and fitness journey. For a long time, I tried (poorly) to emulate it. I would commit myself to an exercise program, but quickly lose motivation. I tried to eat healthy, but honestly struggled to know what that meant sometimes. I wanted to live a more healthy life style but when I didn't see progress, I lost interest and slipped into my old ways. 


For many weeks, I believed I was struggling with a thyroid condition, so I sought the advice of an endocrinologist. I learned that I did not have a thyroid issue, but that my body severely lacked vitamin D and I was facing insulin resistance that qualified me a "pre-diabetic." The doctor advised me on all types of medication I could take, but knowing that I could have to take these medications for the rest of my life was upsetting. 


Allison suggested I try some all natural supplements and a life style overhaul. Although it was intimidating at first, it has really paid off. After 5 weeks of eating correctly, taking the supplements, and working out, I have lost 16 pounds and I am starting to feel normal again. Seeing this progress is the best motivation I have ever had. Allison has been a huge support through this process, and I wouldn't have made it to this point without her.  She has shared her knowledge, expertise, and some yummy recipes along the way. Even when she calls or sends a text to check in, it reminds me that someone else is just as invested in my health and fitness journey as I am.