Many people today struggle with negative health effects related to diet/lifestyle choices, including food allergies.  Do you struggle with any of the following:

-Chronic pain and/or fatigue (not explained by injury or over-use)

-Skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis

-Autoimmune conditions

-Digestive concerns 

-Anxiety or depression

-Low levels of energy

-Allergies (food or otherwise)

-Food addiction

-Difficulty regulating blood sugar

-Inability to lose or maintain weight

Many of the foods we routinely consume in our culture are inflammatory in nature and contribute to chronic negative health symptoms.  If you struggle with one or more of these concerns you may benefit from addressing nutritional changes in conjunction with traditional treatments for such concerns.  

If you are interested in exploring how dietary changes can produce a reduction or elimination of health concerns, eliminating inflammatory foods for a period of time can help you get clear about food sensitivities and allergies.  This process can be confusing to navigate alone.  Understanding nutrition and how your body responds in it's own unique way is vitally important to improving health.  

I have lived a Paleo lifestyle for the past five years and completed a number of Whole30 challenges.  It takes time to learn the tricks!  If you are interested in seeking support to better understand the relationship between food and you--hands on coaching may be for you! 


30 Day Coaching Program 

-Initial consultation in person or telephonic

-Goal setting coaching session

-Text/email support for 30 days

-Recommended reading lists and shopping lists

-Progress tracking

-Motivational emails

-30 days of integration support upon completion of 30 day elimination program

-Additional services can be added upon request 

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