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EMDR Intensives 

EMDR intensives are an amazing opportunity to fast track your progress in counseling and consolidate your EMDR sessions into a concentrated program of service(s) delivered in a retreat style experience.

Perhaps you've contemplated seeking counseling before and you've not been able to find the time because life is busy?  Perhaps you are a highly motivated person ready for rapid transformation? Perhaps you are ready to dig in and transform your healing?  

If you are ready to transform your healing journey, an EMDR intensive is something to explore.  Let's design the program that works for YOU!



I currently support clients in the following EMDR Intensive program offerings:

**Half day intensive program--the half day intensive program allows for a dedicated block of time to work on accelerating results of counseling with a 3 hour session (investment $570.00-$750.00).

**Three day intensive program--the three day retreat allows for a deep dive into the concerns that you bring you into counseling.  This program allows for a total of 12 contact hours, personalized workbook and clinical resources to be used outside of counseling

(investment $2,250.00-$2,850.00)

You and I will work together to determine what the best fit is for you. Both programs offer a pre and post retreat support.  


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