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  • Allison E. Bruce

What's your story???

What’s your story?

Recently I’ve been reminded of the significant role the stories we hold as truth about ourselves play in how we view everyday circumstances. The stories we hold as human beings are deeply personal narratives. These narratives often emerge from our past experiences in life and inform how we see and respond to our current circumstances. Many times the “places” and circumstances which inform our stories are deeply challenging times that have been survived through necessity and resilience. I honor the places and circumstances from which these narratives emerged in both me and in you! We learn to adapt to difficult circumstances by doing the best we can in those given moments. However, I urge you to ask yourself a question….consider the stories you are holding for yourself today and ask yourself honestly do these narratives continues to serve you or are they getting in your way of getting what you want in life? Whether it’s a happy loving relationship, financial freedom, a healthy body and spirit, how do the stories you tell yourself about you and life keep you stuck?

A few things to consider….

What is your story about your health and your body? Do you consider your health to be a vehicle to overall wellness or simply a “destination” you drag yourself toward with habits that don’t support self-love and compassion? Such as dragging yourself to the gym and beating your body into submission? Or do you take time to enjoy organic and expressive movement? What’s your relationship with food like? Do you vacillate from deprivation to excessive consumption? Or do you slow down and listen to what your body needs, when your body needs it, focusing on when you’ve had enough? Enough food, water, sleep? Do you recognize your relationship with food is a reflection of your sense of self in this world and how you feel about life? Is your worth defined by the number on the scale, the number of miles you can run, or the business deal you just closed? Or is your worth centered on who you are as a person and the unique qualities only you bring to this world? There is truly only one of you on this planet! Do you tend to focus on what you don’t have or wish you had more of? Is your story grounded in noticing abundance and what you do have? Do you notice when you need support and allow yourself to ask for and receive support? How do you feel about your finances? What’s the story you have about love and relationships?

These questions are designed to get you in touch with the stories of your life and your view of the world today. I’ve been feeling really energized about living in full body awareness of my own stories and helping my clients examine what they say to themselves. The really exciting part is we have the ability to change our story AT ANY TIME! When we stay attached to stories that no longer serve us we co-create with the universe the actualization of an outdated belief system. Every day we can choose the story of abundance, gratitude, knowing our limits, recognizing how we are supported by others and the universe. Waiting for our external circumstances to change so we can adapt how we see ourselves and the world is an exercise in madness. Happiness and peace do not arrive with changing times of the external world. Rather, happiness and peace arrive when we open our hearts to the world of possibility and hope. When we allow ourselves to re-write our narratives we take another step on the path of self-actualization. So—are you ready to surrender your stories that are no longer serving you and re-write your personal narratives? Feel free to leave a comment below. Let me know what stories you are looking to free yourself from. Know you are supported in the forum and I look forward to hearing about your personal journey!

With light and love, Allison

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