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How you are getting in your own way

Do you ever wonder why you are stuck in the same behavioral and thought patterns? We all go through difficult things in our lives. The painful experiences we go through in life may be different for each of us but have some similarities in the ways in which we as humans are impacted--particularly if those events and experiences are traumatic. Often times we get ourselves stuck by perseverating on the painful experiences. We can replay them. Wish they had not happened. Spend our time thinking about what we might or might not have been able to do differently. Basically we can get stuck in the cycle of living out our sense of powerlessness rather than owning our power to change our story. Change our mind. Change the way our brains are working.

You actually get to decide to change your mind. You can decide to redirect your focus to the things in life that are going well. The people and the places that enrich your life. The places that fill your soul with joy. When you redirect your focus to what is going well you mo

ve yourself away from the neuropathways that are directly related to painful past experiences and trauma. You grow more positive emotion states when you are redirecting your energy into higher vibration areas of your life and this allows you to be more successful in changing behavioral patterns that are no longer working for you.

Try something for me right now as you read are you coming to this blog post? Are you an emotional space that is somehow connected to suffering? Try brining to mind the feeling you WANT to cultivate. Is it joy? Peace? Safety? Bring the feeling into your mind and then allow yourself to image the people and places that you experience this feeling in your current life? Notice what shifts in your body? Notice how your mood begins to move directly toward the feeling state you want for yourself. Practice this as many times as a day as you need.

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